For 10 years I have been on a mission to learn songs that our Seniors love. It has been a decade of falling in love with them and their music. Their music tells the story of a simpler time that warms your heart. I hope you find the inspiration and joy I have found from the Music of our Elders. 

While playing for Seniors around the country I recognized that as a nation we fall short of taking care of our Elders. Recently in prayer and meditation I received a new mission and a new motto: 

Giving brings the Muse 
The Muse brings the Music  
The Music brings the Love  
The Love helps the Seniors  

That morning the Help The Seniors Mission was born. I call it my DCA (definite chief aim) the thing that drives me and wakes me at 5 AM. 

The Help The Seniors Recordings is the first result of that mission. Proceeds from the sale of these recordings brings Love and Live Music to Seniors. 

Austin is a place filled with gifted Musicians and we plan on bringing lots of Love to our community when things open back up. Please join our Newsletter for updates and events at the bottom of this page where you can also DONATE to HELP THE SENIORS. 

Thank you for helping bring Love and Live Music to Seniors.  

So much love! thank you JIMI LEE