Jump Swing in E
What can we say except "ya gotta know how to swing baby". This is the groove we have done the most variations on. We could write a book with a 4 CD set trying to explain and give samples on how to swing 8th notes. A lot of it is just plain 'feel'. We hear terms like 'behind the beat' or 'ahead of the beat', terms that mean what they say, but are vague on exactly where ahead or behind. With sheet music they just write in the 8th notes and in the top left corner of the sheet simply write the word "Swing". This bass line is mandatory and is explained more in track #5 disc two. The drums here keep time one-two-three-four (quarter notes) with the bass drum, and swing the ride symbol. What really makes the swing jump is a very cool rolling swing with the snare: and two and, and four and giving a strong back beat for incredible groove.