GrooveTrax With Harp


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Jam Tracks With Harp: "Mega Harp Licks" This is a 10 track mp3 download designed to give harmonica players ideas and phrases to play along with a mix of the most common and most unusual grooves from "Every Groove A Bluesman Needs To Know". Whether you're looking for some new licks for a Jimmy Reed Shuffle or wondering what to play over a Louisiana Second Line, these recordings are for you.

A really great addition is the harmonica has been recorded fully to the right and the band fully to the left, so panning left and right enables the listener to hear more or less of either harmonica or band. You can also hear only the harmonica or only the band by fully panning to either side. This is great for isolating the harmonica and making it easy to hear and learn new licks. It is also very helpful when using digital slowdown software. One more addition is that each recording has lead harmonica throughout the entire track, something that would not be done on a normal CD, giving this collection it's name "Mega Harp Licks!".

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